The “World of Pooh Bear” and Our Money Attitudes- Which Are You?

money mindset May 07, 2021

Remember the old cartoon show about Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin? Colorful characters with their big traits and silly, little-kid antics? Love that show!

But it occurred to me the other day that their distinctive personalities are actually really good at reflecting how we treat money. Read on to discover which World of Winnie the Pooh character you are! And yes, I’ll tell you which character I am, too! 😉

1. Piglet 🐷

Piglet is an anxious little fellow, always sure that disaster is Right Around the Corner! When it comes to money attitudes, this person does one of two things: Worry constantly, or save every penny they can.

The upside here is that a Piglet person will always be thinking about their money, and generally aware of what’s going on; the pitfall, though, is that this person might not always be doing something constructive about their worries. Or if you’re a saver, you might be so focused on preparing for the next big emergency that you forget to stop and smell the roses- but you can enjoy yourself and be responsible, too.

How to Turn that Frown Upside Down

If you’re a Piglet, congratulate yourself on your awareness of where your money is. That’s a really good place to start! Your next steps are to identify what actions will reduce your worries- find some education on personal finance, talk to friends & family, or identify your biggest financial goals (& make a plan to reach them!).

If you’re a big saver, congratulate yourself on how responsible you are. Your next steps are to get clarity on what you really need in terms of a safety net; and build that safety net, but then allow yourself to enjoy life right now, in this moment 👏

2. Eeyore ☹️

“Thanks for noticing me,” says Eeyore. Sarcastic and pessimistic, Eeyore’s flimsy stick house constantly falls apart and needs to be rebuilt often. Money-wise, this person has had a run of bad luck and assumes that money is bad; their own financial situation is bad; and even worse, that nothing will ever change.

How to Turn that Frown Upside Down

If you’re an Eeyore, congratulate yourself on your resilience. Now your next steps are to take that resilience and perseverance, and apply it to really reaching for your financial goals. You’ll break through those rain clouds, and once you reach that first financial goal, it’ll feel so good that you’ll be motivated to keep going up, up, and up!

3. Kanga 🦘

Kanga is the doting mother of Roo. In terms of money, this person can also do one of two things: either give their money to others directly (giving up their money); or, they rely very heavily on others’ opinions when deciding how to spend or save money (giving up control & decision-making when it comes to money)

How to Turn that Frown Upside Down

If you’re a Kanga, congratulate yourself on how well you take care of others. Your next steps are to make sure you’re taking care of yourself too! You need to have your own safety net and your own savings. And, in my experience, “Kanga”s usually know a lot more about money than they think they do. So as a Kanga, you should also learn to express your own opinion about what you want to do with your money!

4. Tigger 🐯

The happy-go-lucky Tigger has lots of fun, but has a hard time figuring out that his actions have consequences! When we talk about money attitudes, a Tigger person will assume that they know everything they need to know about finances; and thus, they have a hard time with money planning, figuring that money will take care of itself. However, most of us see that when we leave our money alone, it seems to spend itself and ends up going down the drain. How rude!

How to Turn that Frown Upside Down

If you’re a Tigger, congratulate yourself on your confidence. Your next steps are to be realistic; take a look at what’s actually going on for you financially; and set a good plan in motion. Then you can go back to being Tigger-rific!

5. Pooh Bear 🐻

“Think, think, think…” Pooh Bear is lovable, cares deeply about his friends, and always tries his best- but thinks he is not the brightest crayon in the box. As a money personality, a Pooh Bear will be unsure about his financial knowledge.

How to Turn that Frown Upside Down

If you’re a Pooh Bear, congratulate yourself on your humility. Your next step is to learn a bit more about personal finances, both to learn what options you have, but also to build up your confidence. Once you have that knowledge, you can

6. Christopher Robin 👦

As the only human in the stories, Christopher Robin is cheerful, level-headed, a great problem-solver, and a loyal friend. I want to be just like him when I grow up! In terms of money personality, a Christopher Robin type will be thoughtful, looking for the best solutions for their own situations; and being flexible enough to change the plan when necessary.

Which Pooh Bear Personality Am I? Which Are You? 🤔

I’ve been most of these personalities in my life. I grew up poor, so I became a Piglet and a saver; when I was married, I was a Kanga, letting my ex-husband make all the financial decisions- and boy was that a mistake! After I was divorced, I was an Eeyore- it was hard to recover from divorce, financially and personally. Once I got back on my feet, I was a bit of a Pooh Bear, feeling like I knew nothing. But now I do my best to be a Christopher Robin- compassionate towards my friends and myself, making good decisions, and having fun in the meantime!

Knowing what your attitudes towards money are- and knowing what you like & what you want to improve!- will absolutely lead you to the financial success that you want 💰🏆

Now That’s Smart Money 🧐

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