Infuriated by the lack of financial literacy in the world,

I set out on a mission

to transform the paradigm of how people talk about money.




Some of us are lucky enough to learn it in school, or be taught by our parents through good examples (or bad ones!)

Most of us muddle through a quagmire of conflicting information, difficult decisions, and constantly wondering how we're doing compared to others.

Eventually we get things under control, but we're still usually pondering about where we "should" be in life at this point.

And what would our benchmarks be? Not sure- no one ever told us!


Some people seem to have access to life's money secrets... but they don't always share what they know. How could I start a one-person mission to change that entire paradigm?

How could I get people to talk about money- think about money- make money decisions AND be healthy, optimistic, and realistic throughout the entire process of creating a plan?

As I was pondering how to do that for millions of people, I recognized that there is only one message I have to send:

How Money Works Is Not A Secret.

I swear it's true. I can guarantee you two things:

  1. You don't lack knowledge.
    You know more about money than you think. Your biggest problem is just that you've never been taught how to put all that knowledge together to be useful to you.
  2. You can transform your future by becoming financially literate now.
    Indecision and lack of confidence can be overcome; money skills can be learned. When you learn how to put all the pieces together, you think clearly and make better decisions.

How I Uncovered the Hidden Keys to Financial Success...

Growing up, I was taught the same way as anyone else about personal finances: hardly anything. Which is a problem because- as my granddad says about everything- no one's born knowing this stuff. So how did I learn better?

We were dirt-poor when I was young. Not exaggerating, here- We lived in a one-bedroom trailer for a little while. My parents would tuck my sister and I into bed every night; when they went to bed, they'd move us to the couch, and that's where we'd wake up every morning. We always had enough food... but to this day, I don't eat baked potatoes and my sister won't eat split-pea soup.

And in addition to struggling with poverty early on, my parents divorced when I was eight. So yeah... my family struggled in a lot of different ways.

But thank goodness for adulthood. Once I was able to make my own decisions, I discovered that it was fun to work and make my own money. It was easier to pay bills on time, than to stress about juggling them & paying them later. Saving up for a vacation was more fun than going out to eat every night.

I knew what I wanted- call me stubborn, I guess- and it was pretty easy to make a plan to get there.... Sticking to that plan was another story. Getting derailed happened way too often. A flat tire or having to travel for a funeral were minor setbacks- although they were still stressful, financially. The biggest issues were losing my grandmother and suffering through my own divorce. It took me years to overcome those, mentally and emotionally.

Eventually, I found the tools and habits that made things work. I kept trying to make good decisions, more or less- and one day I looked around and saw how far I had come. I wasn't exactly where I wanted to be- but I was on the right path. I had built a successful small business that I loved, with a supportive partner, and finally- finally!- we were on the upwards track. I had a plan that was totally working.

Things were going great... for me. But what about all the other people in the world? How could I help other people find the joy, ease, and peace of mind that I had discovered? How could I help other people create the plan that was perfect for them and build their own financial house, brick by brick?

...So I created a simple and repeatable formula so that everyone can be financially self-sufficient.


Everyone has the right and the ability to become financially self-sufficient. How money works isn't a secret, and now you can discover all the tips and tricks you always knew were out there. We use videos, worksheets, and more to present financial concepts in a visual, easy-to-understand way.

And It Works!

People all around the nation are using these concepts to make their lives better. They make better decisions; they sleep better at night; they stop fighting with their partner about money. They're paying off debt and saving money.

For some, this is the first time in their lives that they're proud of their financial decisions.

These classes are affordable for everyone- only $13-$19 with your coupon code- and you can have the same peace of mind and the same insider knowledge of how to make your money work for you. Discover the program that's right for you...

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