November’s Smart Money Town Hall: Watch the Recording

money mindset town hall what is Nov 25, 2020

Yesterday’s Smart Money Town Hall was a ton of fun! If you missed it, click the link below to watch.

Watch the Meeting- Click Here (56:49 Total)

Want to watch a specific section? Here’s some helpful moments:

00:00 Introduction

1:00 Personal Introductions Begin

08:38 Economic Update Begins

21:55 Discussion Begins

46:02 Smart Money Minute: Risk Vs. Safety- Can we get upsides (growth) with no downsides (risk)?

In short… yes! Watch the Smart Money Minute section for a quick explanation and get your financial education for the day!

What Did We Talk About?

The Smart Money Town Hall is part economic update, part networking, part discussion- and all fun! No boring recitations of numbers- this is an interactive interpretation of economic numbers into useful tidbits that help you make good financial decisions.

Enjoy a few laughs, learn something, meet new people… If you want to know where the economy is going- and feel more confident about what you can do about it- then come see what all the fuss is about.

Do You Want In for Next Time?

Our next Smart Money Town Hall is Tuesday, December 29th, 10-11am Mountain Time via Zoom. Register here to get the Zoom link!

Now That’s Smart Money 🧐

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